Establishment of Technology Innovation Support Centre under ORIC at University of Karachi

Establishment of Technology Innovation Support Centre under ORIC at University of Karachi



The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan in collaboration with Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO) supports the establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centers in universities under World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) TISC program.

 A per the recommendation of HEC, TISCs has been established within the existing network of ORICs in the universities in Pakistan. Manager (IP) at ORIC / Focal person TISC is responsible for all matters related to patent database search, acquisition, enforcement and licensing.

Objective of TISC:

Through the establishment of TISC in University of Karachi, the university scholars, researchers innovators, entrepreneurs and related industries and business community are enabled to access locally based, high quality technology information available in patent databases and related services, helping them to create, protect, and manage their intellectual property (IP) assets.

Functions of TISC:

Allow users to benefit effectively from increased accessibility offered by internet searches (including search tools such keyword, truncation, classification, etc. tools) through direct personal (face-to-face) assistance;

·         Strengthen the local technological base (by building up local know-how);

·         Increase technology transfer (e.g. by investigating the possibilities of licensing, joint         ventures, etc.);

·        Assist local users to create, protect, own and manage their intellectual property rights;

Recipients of TISC Services:

    • Individual inventors
    • Small and medium enterprises
    • Industry
    • Researchers in technology centers and universities
    • Academia (ranging from schools to universities),
    • IP professionals, etc.

Services offered by TISC:

TISC provides a diverse range of services, helping inventors, researchers, and entrepreneurs unlock their innovative potential.

·         Training on access to and use of patent information

·         Access to patent and non-patent databases

·         Support to inventors in patent filing

·         Support to innovator in IP management and commercialization

·         Create networks and contribute to exchange of experience

·         Provide quality services on patent search and analysis

·         Increase awareness on IP and contribute to economic growth in the country


University’s Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

Intellectual Property (IP) policy provides guidance for staff (academic and general), students, researchers and other related persons on the practices of the University of Karachi with respect to Intellectual Property (IP). This document describes basis of generating this policy, objectives, IP rights and coverage, ownership, disclosure, market evaluation, licensing, commercialization and revenue distribution.


For Assistance, contact:

Talha Bin Shuja

Focal Person TISC

Establishment of Technology Innovation Support Centre under ORIC at University of Karachi

EXT: 2567


ORIC Success Story

Patent Filed of Dr Rafia

November 27, 2020

Success Story – ORIC

The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been performing Intellectual Property (IP) awareness and promotion program for the IP applicants, facilitation for the filling of trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs and Copyrights for students, faculties and departments of University of Karachi. Through this program the applicants are encouraged to apply for the IP registration of patents relating to products/processes and ORIC facilitates them throughout the process.

Sharing knowledge with and disseminating research to the industry and stakeholders significantly contribute towards economic growth. ORIC-UoK has developed strong mechanism of industrial linkages to share knowledge, exchange ideas and disseminate research outcomes for the wider benefit.

Another success story comes from ORIC-UoK, by having a patent registered for one of its Departments.  Dr. Rafia Azmat, Ms. Asma and Dr. Summyia Masood from Department of Chemistry, applied for a patent registration through ORIC-UoK, which duly got accepted in March 2020 and got certified in October 2020 by the Intellectual Organization of Pakistan. This is another milestone achieved in the academia of UoK. For inspiration to other people of the University that they should come for filing the patent through ORIC, a brief opinion of principle inventor Dr. Rafia Azmat and Co-inventor Dr. Summyia Masood regarding difficulties during experiment and filing for patent and cooperation from ORIC.


Dr. Rafia Azmat Professor, specialized in Photochemistry supervised 14 Ph.Ds, 2 about to submit, having more than 140 international publications, 9 chapters, filed 7 patents in which 2 are accepted and one is granted while current patent is filed based on total available chemicals and instruments without funding; it was the results of hard work and knowledge of the inventor and full cooperation of co-inventor and student, who work hard with PI during experiments and writing period. Anybody can easily achieve this target through extended knowledge of his/her expertise and with cooperation of ORIC.

Dr. Summyia Masood currently working in the Department of Chemistry, University of Karachi as Assistant Professor. She did her Ph.D (Physical Chemistry) from University of Karachi in 2010. She is supervising graduates, post graduates and Ph.D students. One of her student completed Ph.D this year (2020) and one in 2018 as a co-supervisor.  Her students working on various disciplines of chemistry i.e., polymer chemistry, medicinal chemistry, nano-chemistry, solution chemistry, electrochemistry etc, She has more than thirty research articles in her field which are also published in good impact factor journals. She is also HEC approved supervisor. Her one of the patents granted and also few filed through ORIC University of Karachi. Recently, granted patent by IPO is “DETERMINATION OF IODINE IN PLANTS BY CONDUCTOMETRIC TITRATION METHOD”, introduced a simple and novel method for iodine determination in plants which can be applied easily on commercial scale. As iodide salts are used in pharmaceuticals and disinfectants, printing inks and dyes, catalysts, animal feed supplements and photographic chemicals.