Industrial Linkage
Technology Transfer

Industrial Linkages

Academia and industrial connection is the backbone of the economy. Every developed country’s companies resolve their industrial problems through their educational asset i.e. Universities.

In 2018 half of the population was unemployed and around half a million graduates were unemployed in Pakistan (Source: Daily Times Pakistan), which can be resolved though strong academia and industrial connections.

Following are the initiatives that ORIC UoK has taken under industrial linkages:

  • Develop, expand, enhance and manage university’s research programs

  • Link research activities directly to the educational, social and industries.

  • Promote and improve multi-disciplinary research initiatives

  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding

  • Translating research for the public’s benefit

  • Internship opportunities

  • Case study competitions

  • Updates on demand and supply of resources

Technology Transfer

We are facing a threatening dilemma, on one hand industry is facing scarcity of good human resource and innovations and on the other hand well qualified PhDs and students are not getting any attentions for their noble work. If they get noticed they face a threat of getting their inventions hijacked. ORIC has made sure to solve both of their problems which mainly includes the following:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities which improve and support the economy

  • Complete guidance on how to get the your research commercialized

  • Mobilize faculty, business community and industry

  • Easy access to government authorities and industries

  • Coaching, mentoring and training sessions

  • Intellectual Property and Legal services