Travel Grant University of Karachi

Travel Grant

General Policy and Framework

  • The period of the Award of Travel Grant Program shall be from June to June
  • The Travel Grant amount will be allocated by HEC. In addition, it will be the responsibility of TGC (UoK) of  to decide the award of Travel Grant on the Specific Criteria. The facilitation and processing of the cases will be conducted by the ORIC.
  • The allocated grant shall be utilized for the Regular Faculty only
  • ORIC in Consultation with TGC develop the Grant Application Form
  • Only 50-75% of total expenses will be granted to the successful applicants.
  • The following budget heads will be considered and reimbursed according to Travel grant policy.

      • Only airfare Travel Cost (According to approved HEC Airfare Sheet)

      • Registration fee ((as per actual or maximum of US$ 500 whichever is less)

      • Accommodation (for event days plus one day – max. 6 days – @ US$100 per night)

  • The award of travel Grant will only be awarded for Oral Presentations
  • The submitted papers of the Conference will be evaluated through rigorous Peer reviews by the relevant experts.
  • Application must be submitted six weeks before the conference
  • The Meeting of TGC will be held in the last week of every month


  • Credibility and Relevancy of the conference
  • Conference brochure containing aims, objectives and themes with schedule of charges in respect of registration and accommodation etc.
  • Acceptance as “oral presentation” after peer review of full paper/abstract in the respective conference. (original preferred; photocopy must be attested by Head of Department or Dean)
  • Original research work at top research conferences will be considered for funding subject to review of applications by a panel of reviewers keeping in view the quality of conference
  • Full text of paper to be presented in hard and soft formats.
  • The Similarity Index of the submitted paper must not exceed to 20%
  • Only International Conferences held outside Pakistan will be considered for this award
  • The order of priority shall be entertained on first-come-first basis
  • In case of co-author, please attach NOC from principal author.
  • Economy class airfare certificate by the shortest route for which three air-fare quotations are required. Preference will be given to National Airlines.
  • Brief CV (2-3 pages)
  • Acceptance Letter